The Social Media Chat concept for Hotel Industry

Our Social Media philosophy that we continually develop and work on with every hotel is to be able to get the guests excitedA� about their stay and about the services provided by the hotelA� or the resort. It is this sense of satisfaction stemming from the impeccable services received that the guests must share with their friends.A� This way the guests voluntarily become the best ambassadors of the brand of the hotel.

Social Media contribute to creating a world of openness and connectivity.A�A� Having these into mind, we came up with the following concept.


According to a number of studies conducted by the New York Times, regarding the media sharing philosophy ( psychology) of the internet users, when asked about the reason why they shared things online, people replied thatA� they did so because they wanted to enrich the lives of those around them.

This is the link to a PDF analysis of the studyA� HERE>>>
Thus, under the light of this “sharing psychology” , every conversation that is shared, is to an extent, a type of short narrative, a film, shared between friends. In this short narrative, the hotel wishes to become a part of it, to be the backdrop of the experience that the guest indulges in.A� Presumably, the hotel can be used as the filming location for the traveler’s short film ; a film that includes moments of the guests’ lives.A� The hotel can very wellA� be part of the dreamy reality that the guests enjoy andA� they share with their friends.


Facebook is the website most frequently used by the travelers to share all about their vacation with friends. This is the ideal opportunity for a hotel to enhance and amplify the conversations on social media on how the hotel can make a trip exceptional and unforgettable.
An impressive majority of social media users and mostly the Facebook users like to share their experiences while on holidays. According to a recent study conducted by Leadsit 85% of leisure travelersA� user their smartphones during their holidays, 74% use the social media, 48% share photos and material related to theirA� holidays location or the hotel they are staying in and 34% post daily updates about their holidays.


Taking into consideration this trend we attempted to conveyA� through pictures , to visualise a number of conversations that were likely to happen between friends.

The concept is very simple;A� all we did was to include the image of a smartphone in the picture. Then we came up with potential dialogues (lines) exchanged between friends; between a guest who enjoyed the services of the hotel and their friend.





Managing the social media accounts of a hotel is more complicated than simply coming up with a relevant post and sharing it. What it is really about is how to manage the accounts efficiently so that the hotel reaches its ultimate goal.



This requires high levels of strategic thinking which a highly essential skill is. Strategic planning is more significant than ever in order to achieve the optimum result which is pulling impressive numbers of connectivityA� through the social media. These can be reached while at the same time building the brand name of the hotel.


Social Media strategic planning in Luxury Hotels today must include more than creating witty and catchy tweets, blog posts and video shares. It should, in fact, include the actual building of relationships that lead to both an increase of the sales and brand awareness.

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