Concerning the promotion of Cyprus as a destination in European markets

Beautiful sunset at natural stone bridge near Ayia Napa on Cyprus, Europe. Love bridge. Cavo greco

Panadvert has been entrusted with the design and implementation of an online destination marketing campaign on behalf of Hermes Airports – the company managing all Cypriot airports. The goal of this collaboration is the promotion of Cyprus as an international travel destination in the Polish and French markets. As noted by John Giannatos, Panadvert’s CEO, “the collaboration with Hermes Airports will contribute to the promotion of Cyprus as a tourism product in markets with excellent potential.”

The advertising channels of the online campaign include Search Engine Marketing, Display and Video ads, as well as, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. According to Panadvert’s Data team’s analysis, it was deemed appropriate to target users based on audience intentions and interest for leisure travel in the Mediterranean, in order to enhance awareness of Cypriot destinations and consequently demand.

For the design of this strategy, we used modern touchpoint marketing methods, by defining the actions that affect communication with the target audience. Each touch point is a message that essentially “touches” the customer at the optimal stage during the process of searching for a destination. This strategy ensures the best possible experience for every user. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of relevant markets and audiences, to identify the potential initial touch points and consequently mapped out the different promotional actions, according to consumers’ browsing cycle. (For example, a different message at the first touch point of an Instagram story and a different message at the second touch point, depending on the reaction to that initial touch point) 

With this complex strategy, we were able to determine the current position of Cyprus in the minds of each different target audience and then create and execute a different strategy for each one, producing measurable results and reaching maximum engagement.