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About Panadvert

Panadvert is a media company providing integrated Online Advertising & Marketing solutions. It has served clients all over the world among them Microsoft, Nike, LG, BenQ, Blu-ray Disc Association, Maxell & more, in a variety of industries like Technology, Travel & Hotels and Web-Portals. Now, Panadvert is mainly focused on the High Luxury industry, providing services to five star Hotels, Resorts and Food & Beverage industries.

We help, businesses to increase their digital image and brand awareness as well as distribute their product through more and more channels and keep control of availability and price and also develop new strategies for competing in the online environment. From managing their websites for all platforms, creating strong social media campaigns reaching thousands of potential customers, handling pay-per-click advertising campaigns to yield consulting and maintain online hotel public image and brand image.

Google Premier Partner

We’re honored to be a Premier Google Partner ‘ an elite class that gives Panadvert an added endorsement of quality, reliability and high-level expertise in the medium-sized and big-sized Hotels. We meet higher levels of qualification and customer support than any other company in hotels industry.

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Our Team

We are an open social philosophy company, this means that every partner in our company will be interviewed by the members of the team he is hoping to join. We first pay attention in the insights into the interaction style, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies of individuals. Panadvert has an entrepreneurial and “Silicon Valley” spirit and is a flat organization, and thus it’s hiring people who can thrive in that environment. All our partners are self-starters who don’t need a lot of direction, so autonomy and self-motivation are highly valued. Our values and philosophy comes on the Employee-is-the-King philosophy and we are a market and results oriented company.

John Giannatos
John GiannatosCEO - Founder
Maria Tsanou
Maria TsanouAccount Director & Quality Manager
Theodoros Vavekis
Theodoros VavekisAccount Director
Ioanna Vasilakopoulou
Ioanna VasilakopoulouOnline Advertising Manager
Magda Vassilaki
Magda VassilakiAccount Director
Mike Hill
Mike HillSenior Ad-Copywriter
Filippos Sekofski
Filippos SekofskiArt Director
Natasa Karekou
Natasa KarekouOnline Advertising Manager
Vaggelis Karlis
Vaggelis KarlisStrategic Performance Manager
Sofia Eleades
Sofia EleadesSocial Media Manager
Niki Malavazou
Niki MalavazouGraphic Designer
Lydia Spassof
Lydia SpassofSocial Media Manager
Anthony Koutsouris
Anthony KoutsourisData Scientist - Performance Analyst
Louiza Kallia
Louiza KalliaSenior Copywriter
Dimitris Mavrokefalidis
Dimitris MavrokefalidisCommunications Manager
Trifonas Karmiris
Trifonas KarmirisPerformance Advertising Manager
Maria Bouchli
Maria BouchliSocial Media Manager
Aliki Tsioni
Aliki TsioniGraphic Designer
George Konstantinidis
George KonstantinidisWeb Developer
Andreas Raptis
Andreas RaptisSenior Copywriter
Constantine Kioulafas
Constantine KioulafasSenior Developer
Dale Cooper
Dale CooperSpecial Agent