Hermes Airports: A destination marketing campaign that went beyond expectations

In 2022, Panadvert ran a destination marketing campaign for Hermes Airports in Cyprus that targeted the markets in France and Poland. The campaign aimed to promote the country of Cyprus as a travel destination, and it ran from July to December 2022. 

The results were impressive, with a total of 109,880,682 impressions; way above the estimated impressions which ranged from 29 to 42 million. This was achieved thanks to Panadvert’s touch-point marketing strategy, which ensured that appropriate content would be shown to users depending on the phase of their respective customer journey as well as depending on the platform on which the content appeared.

Using this approach, Panadvert ran simultaneously 34 Google Ads campaigns, which included Responsive Display Ads, Image Banners and Video Ads in 3 languages (English, French, Polish), and 16 Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns, which included Posts on the Feed, Instagram Stories and Video Ads in the same 3 languages.

More specifically, the campaign that ran in France had an estimated maximum value of 26,250,000 impressions, with the final ones coming to more than double, at 58,865,902. Nearly 42 million of those came from Google Ads and the rest (16,831,806) from Facebook and Instagram Ads, with an account reach of more than 2.3 million. 

On a similar note, the Polish campaign, with an estimated maximum impression value of 17,948,718, ended up producing nearly triple that amount (51,014,780). The majority of the impressions again derived from Google Ads (36,410,005) and the rest (14,605,138) from Facebook and Instagram Ads, which managed to reach nearly 2 million unique accounts. 

Finally, the budget for each market was distributed in such a way so as to target users that were already interested and actively searching other Mediterranean destinations. The aim was to persuade them to eventually choose Cyprus as their holiday destination.