Our newly-acquired partner, Clemente VIII turned to Panadvert for organizing a conceptual photoshoot of its spaces, services and central location, that would highlight the brand’s Italian-inspired aesthetic. 

The primary objective was to generate quality content that would showcase the elegant luxury and premium aesthetic of Clemente VIII on its respective Social Media profiles. 

Panadvert was in charge of the entire project, from styling to casting, photography and editing of the end material, while at the same time, offering its expertise and consultation, in designing a clear content strategy and telling Clemente VIII’s story through bold, fashionable and vibrant images.

With that in mind, our very own, John Giannatos stepped in as the photographer of the project, because of his retro style and film-noir, cinematic aesthetics. The reason behind this choice was to set a tone and style for future content creation productions, solidifying in a way the brand’s identity and overall image. Our team collaborated with external partners for the styling and make-up of the models, to accentuate the elegance of a bygone era through chic, vintage-looking outfits, paired with modern accessories.

The two models starring in the photoshoot, were also hand-picked by the Panadvert team,  to match the intended aesthetic and highlight the cinematic and romantic vibe of the Clemente VIII experience.

This photoshoot marks a very important milestone in Panadvert’s current direction and its commitment to offer high-quality services that cater to the needs of the time and market.

Check out some snippets of the shoot below: