In an attempt to communicate and highlight its premium aesthetics and elegant design, our long-time partner, the AquaGrand asked for our help in organizing a photoshoot of its amenities, services and location, in order to redefine the brand identity of the resort and generate quality content for its website and Social Media platforms.

Panadvert assisted in the project, offering its expertise and consultation, in organizing the photoshoot, managing the location and guiding the plot in telling AquaGrand’s story through bold and exciting images.

With that in mind, our team recommended photographer Christos Drazos for the project, because of his distinctive style and identifiable frames. The fashion expert, Despoina Koliou, an associate of Mr Drazos, was in charge of styling our models and highlighting the sharp decor of AquaGrand with chic and tasteful outfits.

The stars of the shoot, our two models, Amalia Markouizidou and Dimitris Ntanasis, were also hand-picked, after a short casting, by the Panadvert team, to shine a spotlight on the unmatched AquaGrand experience.

The project was also documented by the talented videographer, Lefteris Kallergis from The Vscope, who was also involved in the pre-productions on-stage preparations, offering video footage and insights into the creative process of the photoshoot.

Though this photoshoot was a collaboration project that required complex coordination, time management and clear guidance, all the hard work from all involved parties has paid off and the results speak for themselves. Check out a small sample of our work below:

Copyright and image credits to Christos Drazos