We are expanding with a new location in London

The award-winning digital marketing agency consolidates its position in the international market

Panadvert is powering ahead by opening a new location in London. The company is ready to offer its premium services in today’s highly demanding and evolving digital marketing market.

Initially, with one representative based in the city of London, the Greek agency is embracing today’s top online challenges in a “new arena”. Applying a renowned model of work, “Panadvert offers solutions to all those who wish to optimize their strategy within a market that doesn’t really forgive any mistakes,” says Mr. John Giannatos, CEO of Panadvert.

It is worth noting that Panadvert, which specializes in Digital Performance Marketing, was founded only just a few years ago – in the midst of Greece’s economic crisis – and now has 18 specialized executives and scientists who provide complete Digital Marketing and Data Analysis solutions. Panadvert has opened up its client base to include various sectors such as technology, travel, food & beverage. Today, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts from all over the world, namely the US, Britain, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel.

By |September 18, 2018|