Panadvert undertakes the Online advertising of Louis Hotels

Panadvert, specializing in the hospitality industry, undertakes the online advertising of Louis Hotels group with headquarters in Cyprus and Greece. The deal includes the entire online advertising campaign involving all 19 hotels of the Louis Hotels group in both Greece and Cyprus.


For Panadvert, the collaboration entails counseling services, planning and implementation of advertising campaigns on major online platforms such as Google Adwords, Yandex, META I / O etc. with an aim of further consolidating the brand on a worldwide scale and in order to increase the direct online bookings.

With regards to the whole collaboration, Panadvert’s CEO Mr. John Giannatos quoted: “It is a great honor as much as it is a grave responsibility to undertake the Online advertising campaign of a hotel group with such a long history and such huge contribution to the Cypriot and Greek tourism. From the early stages of the negotiations, we distinguished the deep professionalism and the clear vision that characterizes the Management Board of the Louis Hotels group. We aim at establishing and maintaining a long-lasting business relationship which will flourish to the benefit of both companies within Internet’s ever growing environment.”

By |January 21, 2015|