Google & Panadvert: Extending the cooperation further


In the photo: Panadvert’s Promotion Manager Mr. Theodoros Vavekis, Mrs. Maria Founta ‘ Marketing Director of Google Greece, Mrs. Maritina Grelloni ‘ Development Manager of Google Partners, Mr. John Giannatos – CEO of Panadvert, Michalis and Dimitra Christodoulou Grow Greek Tourism Online – Marketing Manager at Google.

Successive meetings were held between PanadvertA�‘s advertising team which mostly consists of ex-googlers and Google Greece, as part of the wider cooperation of the two companies.A�Google has expressed with clarity that its strategy involves investing in Greek tourism, while Panadvert presents the largest clientele in Greece regarding five-star hotels and hotel groups.

Those meetings were devoted to the discussion of the concerns by Panadvert as regards to Reporting and Google Analytics. At the same time, the issue of training in Crossdomaintracking was raised mainly due to the prevailing complexity that stands in hotel groups.

The Louis Hotels advertising campaign was placed under the microscope, as it constitutes one of the most complex and demanding campaigns involving hundreds of campaigns and hundreds of thousands of keywords. The development of this campaign was greatly aided by Google Italy based in Milano, as its team has been supporting Panadvert for all its customers in development issues. Without the merest of doubts, this project is the largest adwords campaign ever created in the history of the Greek version of the platform.


With the Google team in Milan which has been supporting Panadvert in its customer network development.

For Panadvert’s customers which are no longer in a development phase, the company is supported by the team of Google Ireland with which it maintains an excellent cooperation.
Panadvert has also proceeded to the recruitment of Mr. Panagiotis Tzinis as the team leader of “Google Developers” with a main task of developing a fully customizable reporting platform where the results of Googleadwords, GoogleAnalytics, ROIManager and Webhotelier are directly linked. Something which constitutes the sole and most comprehensive full-service package, pertaining to the use of both Greek hotels and international ones.


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