Project Description

The rise of a Game Changer

Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites

Opened for the first time on the 10th of June 2016, the Kenshō Boutique Hotel in Mykonos, has already established itself in the highly-competitive luxury tourism market of Mykonos.

The hotel’s unique characteristics, unparallel design, and authentic, stand-out approach to hospitality were undoubtedly in need of a complete advertising and communications plan that would share this new, magnificent holiday hideaway with prospective guests.

From day one, Panadvert has worked systematically towards achieving Kenshō’s goals within the fast-growing digital landscape. The entire strategy was developed in line with the hotel’s high standard services policy, which is reflected accordingly in guests’ reviews (see Trip Advisor).

Thorough research, analysis and accurate marketing initiatives have led to today’s impressive results.


The first challenge in this case (a market entry) was to introduce Kenshō to its audience and promote the hotel’s essence in its entirety.

Our main objectives were to:

  • communicate the brand’s distinctive values
  • drive direct sales
  • sell high prices to a niche market


Here at Panadvert, research and analysis are always our starting point.  That’s why we began with:

  • in-depth market analysis and
  • careful examination of competitors and customers

A detailed SWOT analysis was then conducted, in order to develop the ideal advertising strategy.

Next, we identified our target groups while collecting valuable demographic, behavioral and lifestyle data.


In today’s fast-changing world, we knew we needed to create an easily adaptable strategy, with a solid idea at its heart.

Our digital strategy was designed to:

  • reach luxury travelers with an interest in design and architecture

using proven tools such as:

  • Quality content
  • Insightful targeting

Data-driven marketing


After tracking all key points that impact the hotel’s success, we effectively:

  • managed all digital and social media platforms
  • designed hundreds of images, banners and newsletters in accordance with brand guidelines
  • leveraged sponsored ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • implemented direct e-mail marketing (newsletters)
  • developed a solid content strategy, maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all digital media channels
  • organized three photo shoots (with models) depicting the entire guest experience: from airport arrival to hotel check out
  • offered guidance for the creation of one main video- promo and several short videos for social media use (promoted through Vimeo and YouTube)
  • collaborated with renowned bloggers and influencers


The total effect of our strategy was continuously monitored and measured, providing us with the following results:

1. AdWords Advertising (in numbers)

  • 3.000.000 impressions
  • 40.000 clicks to the website
  • Over 400.000€ revenues
  • A minimum, measurable Return on Advertisement Spending (ROAS) of over x15
  • A significant -40% reduced cost-per-click in 2017, compared to 2016
  • An impressive +61% ROAS increase in 2017, as to 2016

2. Yahoo / Bing Platform (Targeted Audience UK)

  • 744.000 Impressions
  • <35.000€ Revenues
  • 41.81 x ROI

3. Social Media (in numbers)

  • 334 Promoted Campaigns
  • 19.000 Facebook Page Likes
  • 3.3 million unique users Facebook Total Post Reach (approximately)
  • Over 5.000Facebook Post Shares
  • Close to 1.5 million users Facebook Viral Reach
  • Over 11.000 Instagram Followers

4. Digital PR

During its first year of operation, the Kenshō luxury hotel in Mykonos, welcomed 45 travel bloggers, each with a fan-base of over 200.000 followers. A total of 86 public posts, created by the above bloggers, reached a whopping 13.6 million users.

5. Restaurant Promotion

The awarded Kenshō restaurant was promoted separately as a sub-brand that echoes the values and message of Kenshō, but also possesses its own distinguishing qualities. Aiming to highlight the restaurant’s superb Greek gastronomy, signed by Executive Chef George Stylianoudakis, we effectively used all the above channels and designed a campaign with notable results on all advertising platforms.

Furthermore, we took on the promotion of a culinary event, with Michelin-starred Spanish chef Quique Dacosta, which we targeted towards a specific audience (Spanish and British) of ‘gastronomy lovers’.

The evening of the event was not only a complete success, with many participants arriving from Spain, but was also fully booked with a surplus of requests for participation.
Kenshō’s 2017 direct online revenue from bookings was 114% higher, in relation to 2016. Notably, 45% of direct revenue was generated through advertising, while 25% of the entire revenue was direct.

Last, but not least…
Since its first year of operation, Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites has received numerous international and national awards & nominations:


  • FNL Best Restaurant Awards – Gold & Silver Award
  • Mr & Mrs Smith – Best Gourmet Getaway
  • 100% Hotel Design Awards


  • World Luxury Hotel Awards – Winner
  • Boutique Hotel Awards – World’s & Europe’s best new hotel
  • World Travel Awards – Europe’s Leading New Hotel (Nomination)
  • Greek Hospitality Awards – Best Greek New Boutique Resort & Best Greek Hotel Dining Experience
  • FNL Best Restaurant Awards
  • Tourism Awards
  • TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence


  • Xrysoi Skoufoi