Project Description

Ready for Grecian

A Social Media Campaign of Grecian Hotels


Panadvert has noticed an increase in smart and effective social media campaigns with the purpose of attracting users’ attention and increasing brand exposure.

Instead of running a broad campaign to target all generic users, we tried to identify a subset of our target audience and create a campaign that capitalized on existing social behaviors of potential travelers to Cyprus.


Our target audience was the UK market and according to our data analysis, March and April are the months when most English tourists are “ready” to book their vacations.

After a productive brainstorming session, our creative department came up with the READY campaign in order to appeal to the UK market.


The campaign was based on pictures that targeted specific audiences of the hotels. The message for each post was “stamped” on, like a stamp on a passport, giving a unique visual feel. Every message was built around the concept of “Ready” (i.e., Ready for Family Holidays).


  • The campaign netted an impressive reach of more than 200 thousand views

  • The posts “Ready-Travel to Cyprus” and “Ready-Cool Off” had 9,51% CTR (or RTR – reaction through rate) and 9.75% RTR respectively

  • The posts received a total of 5.875 reactions και 5.585 Likes from facebook users, 90% higher than the accounts’ average

  • The posts with the most shares were the ones that promoted the beaches of Cape Greco and Konnos, with 110 shares

  • The post “Ready for Memories” has the highest reach, with 21.122 views.

Take a look at some of the created posts