CanavesOia: Panadvert strategically increases direct bookings

The multi-awarded CanavesOia Resorts in Santorini are rightfully considered amongst Santorini’s most idyllic hideaways.

With a total of four different properties (CanavesOia Hotel, CanavesOia Suites, CanavesOia Sunday Suites and Canaves Epitome) CanavesOiadelivers unrivalled luxury experiences to its guests.

Nonetheless, (no matter how idyllic a hotel may be) the desire to increase direct bookings and website revenue is hard to overcome… isn’t that right?

Hence, we effectively reached and maintained a global audience of vacationers who opt for CanavesOia over other accommodation options on Santorini Island.

Our strategy significantly increased website bookings, generating more than 800k euros of revenue for the hotel.

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By |November 27, 2018|