There are thousand, if not millions of blogs, around that cover all kinds of topics and interests. But only very few of them have been able to successfully cater to the luxury market. That’s because only very few have a solid understanding of the people with true passion for luxury. Most believe that one must simply be rich to enjoy luxury and so create communities and pages filled with expensive items.

But luxury is a way of life not necessarily dependent on income. You can see rich people dressing poorly, having little regard for hygiene and personal appearance and on the other hand, you can see middle-class people exhibit eclectic tastes with every choice they make.

People, Product, Passion, purpose, Price and Pleasure are the 6 P’s in the luxury world.

The key characteristic of the luxury audience is that they have great self-awareness. They recognize quality and aesthetics, they have strong personalities with well-rounded opinions, impeccable taste and know exactly what they want. They are exclusivity seekers and are also looking for authenticity.


The word “authenticity” may be the one that sums up all of the above.

This is the audience the passion4luxury blog has been catering to for years, a sizeable audience that is constantly growing.

With 5 million unique visitors since 2012, it is perhaps the most influential blog in the luxury market. In combination with other Facebook pages such as Luxury Experiences or Chic Luxury, passion4luxury is one of the main contact points where the luxury audience meets the top brands of the world.

As an agency that manages the Online Marketing of many top 5star hotels, Panadvert cooperates closely with passion4luxury and draws inspiration from its blog posts, which feature Luxury Living, Villas, Architecture and Luxury interiors, DA�cor, shopping, Fashion, watches, Cars, Jewelry, Travelling, Lifestyle, yachting, and business.


“It is a blog that is always up-to-date. It appeals to us not just as a professional tool but as readers as well”, CEO of Panadvert, Mr John Giannatos said in a recent luxury hoteliers conference.

At Panadvert we believe passion4luxury is a blog with authenticity that appeals to people with taste, and that’s why we like it.

We have Passion 4 Luxury