By John Giannatos is a user generated travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions about hotels worldwide.

TripAdvisor offers a business marketing service which is called “Business Listing”. A�Subscriptions are capped at a fixed amount and are tiered according to the number of rooms and location of the property.

“Business Listings” is a placement on the hotel listing page on TripAdvisorA� and enables the hotel to add its direct contact details such as phone number, email address orA� a direct link to hotel’s website.

Example of a business listing where the links of “Hotel Website, Email Hotel and phone number are visible on top.


The Problem

A lot of hoteliers wonder whether they can evaluate the cost/benefitA� of using the TripAdvisor’s feature and whether they have a real ROI (Return of Investment) on this marketing action.A� The Pain is how can track the bookings come from this featured link.

The Solution

The solutions is called ROI MANAGER (

ROI Manager is the only tool that can track 100% the incoming traffic from TripAdvisor Business Listing. You know who guest of your hotel came from tripadvisor (i.e. Mr Jonson on room 101 booked from tripadvisor) Actually you know this since the guest made his booking.

ROI ManagerA� is a patent pending tool designed and implemented by Panadvert in 2011. It’s a WebHotelier” Add-on for tracking, analyzing and finally improving the quality of a hotel website traffic and advertising ROI

By adding a simple piece of string to any URL using”ROI”A� can distinguish the particular link, highlight it as a traffic source and report on its quality and revenues with booking data such as name, surname, check-in, value, etc.


In the screenshot above you can see that this hotel has 16.990′ revenues from the TripAdvisor Business Listing.A� On mouse-over on the amount you see the booking details (name, surname, check-in date, check-out etc)

“ROI” can track visitors from any referrer, including social media, TripAdvisor”,A� Trivago”,A� display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing, blogs, and digital collateral such as links within PDF or any other kind of documents.

Hoteliers or marketers can review online campaigns (paid or not) by tracking landing page quality and R.O.I. conversions and review the sales activity and performance for any referral,A� since the system provides the booking details (name, surname, check-in date, value, check-out date) of the guest, allocated the reference source they came from.

A�Campaigns can be various ways of acquiring traffic, such as:

Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords, campaign, Cost Per Click (CPC)
Display Ads, Banners
Links in Newsletters, Emailing, blogs, forums
Affiliates links (sometimes called Subids tracking)
Facebook posts, or Ads, and any hosted link in any website on the net

One of the innovations of ROI Manager is its multilayer ability per campaign. (i.e. any banner on Google ad-words can have different tracking code) thus a hotelier can break any campaign into small traceable parts and know the revenues per banner.

Regarding the tripadvisor’s business listing, there is also a marketing benefit by knowing the bookings from Tripadvisor since the customer relation manager can have a different approach to those customers in order to maximize the possibility of a good review later.